Corporate support

We are glad if you support us. We wouldn't have done it without the support of individuals.

Non-financial support is very important to us. Collections and donations are important and will help people in need, but one of the most important ways to support us is to believe in our work and the clients who have passed through our center. Therefore, if you have or do you know some job vacancy for people who are skilful, skilled, reliable, but have gone through a difficult life situation, we will be happy to address us. We then move the information to a specific person.

What frequent jobs are we looking for?

- doorman

- storekeepers

- cleaner machines

- senior care

- construction and masonry work

- gardeners and gardening auxiliary work

However, each person is different and has a different education, skills and desires, we are open to different working positions.

Do not hesitate to send us your idea to or a message on Facebook OZ STOPA.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: