Cover photo: Lucia Bajová 


integration centre: +421 948 364 067

streetwork: +421 948 389 748

5 tips to help homeless people during winter crisis.

- Warm drink

- Hat, scarf, gloves

- NGO IN THE STREETS - quick information can save lives. We operate on the territory of the Old Town district and the surrounding area.

We are available by phone from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm on +421 948 389 748 or at any time by email to, or by email to OZ STOPA on Facebook.

- Feel free to help. If you see that a person on the street is in bad condition or you see that he does not show any signs of life, contact the RZP at 155 or 112. Sometimes a few minute matter!

- Information helps. There are more social services in Bratislava that you or the homeless may not know about. Contact us and we will send you a complete list. 

Reality in our work? In Bratislava we really have nowhere to send people. Not because they want to sleep in the street, but because they fear and choose the street as a safer place.

Let's be without prejudice. Let's not look for the reasons why a person is on the street, the reasons are different and not everyone is responsible for it. Not everyone has come to terms with homelessness. Many people want to end homelessness, they just don't know how. Let's not judge a man by the cover.

Photo: Cukru