For the financial resources that we can use to work therapy in 2020, we thank to: city district Nové mesto, city district Karlova Ves, city district Petržalka and city district Rača. 

Thank to people, who support us through various grant systems. We appreciate your help very much, without you we couldn't do our job.  

Christmas 2020

The courtyard on the Kapitulská street

Pražská 33

Space cleaning

The park

Revitalization of the kindergarten for children 


We were in the street intensively every day for almost three months. Homeless people do not have a home and could not hide from Covid-19. We became all the more aware of these days. The situation was complicated and we reacted to it as best we could, because the age structure of homeless people was the most endangered. We checked the health condition, measured the temperature and informed how to protect ourselves from infection. We also provided them with food and drinks.

Slovakia also had a wave of solidarity and it was not just an empty slogan. People sewed drapes at home and handed them out to those who did not yet have them. They bought groceries for the elderly, did food delivery, and supported each other.

Thanks to Nadácia VUBIWSB and Work flow IT Solutions for financial support to buy a car.