Street survey 09/2021

Photos: Marek Jánoš

How many people are on the streets of Bratislava?

What are the real needs of these people?

Where do they come from and who are they?

We can only guess or we really find out. NGO STOPA within the international alliance of cities and organizations The European End Street Homelessness is organizing the third year of "street survey of the needs of homeless people".

Its goal is "not only" a meaningless number, but also knowledge of the needs and structure of homeless people. Street survey will take place in the areas where our streetworks teams operate, namely Bratislava - Old Town, Petržalka, New Town.

In order to manage this, we need your HELP directly IN THE STREETS. So do not hesitate and help us.


September 16 (Thursday) as part of Volunteer Week

From 10:30am - 2pm (for those who can during the day)

From 5pm- 7:30pm (for those who were at work and still want to be involved)


The meeting place for volunteers is Svoradova Park, Bratislava

How to do it:

Write an email to

We will confirm your email and then all documents and instructions for the monitoring itself will be sent to you as soon as possible).

Media contact:

if you are interested, we will be happy to answer you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile: +421948364067 or email: