There are several ways to help NGO STOPA Slovensko. We are a nonprofit organization and we need to constantly work on multi-source funding to provide services free of charge to people who visit us regularly.

Voluntary financial contribution: 


Amount of financial support per client per week of work therapy


The amount of the monthly petrol of the car in the field service and work therapy


Monthly rent of project Housing +

We will use your voluntary funds for these three tools above, which are essential for our work.

account number: SK9483300000002800819566


Help us get a car. Help us be first where it is needed.

A car is necessary for us. As part of our work, we need to be in more places every day. It is extremely important for us to be able to provide our activities quickly and efficiently in Bratislava. With the car we can prevent, support and transport homeless people. Without a car, it all goes very hard.

A car is also needed for work therapy. Work therapy is a practice of working skills of homeless people, which makes their integration into everyday life "easier". However, we need to transfer the necessary material - tools, flowers, but also people - to the places where we work therapy.

At the moment we have an old car that has no longer functions and driving in it is no longer safe. This is a big item for a non-governmental organization, but we believe that thanks to your help, we will be able to raise enough funds to buy it. We need a car with enough space, to buy at least 5 thousand euros.


Thank to our supports: