There are several ways to help NGO STOPA Slovensko. We are a nonprofit organization and we need to constantly work on multi-source funding to provide services free of charge to people who visit us regularly. We are glad if you support us. We wouldn't have done it without the support of individuals. There are many ways to be part of us and part of ending homelessness.

Non-financial support is very important to us. Do you want to organize a concert to support our activities? Are you a person who runs and goes to various cross-country events or otherwise actively sports? Try it under the NGO STOPA symbols to show your attitude that homeless people are not invisible.

Are you an artist and do you think your work can be a super auction for working with homeless people? Do you do a tournament, football, bowling darts and want to link it to the idea of ​​a homeless? Go ahead :)

Are you good at IT, in graphic design, are you just a computer macher? Help us improve systems. Do you write blogs, make videos? We will certainly enjoy a good spot or text.

Companies based in Slovakia can contribute 1% tax. 

account number: SK9483300000002800819566


Support us - People to people

All you have to do is click on the link to the People to People page and you choose the amount you want to support us. 

We will use your voluntary funds for these three tools above, which are essential for our work.


Amount of financial support per client per week of work therapy


The amount of the monthly petrol of the car in the field service and work therapy


Monthly rent of project Housing +

Thanks to our supports: