Read the stories of people, who have found strength in themselves to change their lives.


When I was wondering how to talk to you about the story of Mr. P., I was afraid. Knowing confidently how he has brilliantly grabbed with difficulty in his life, that´s precious. And written about him, is like revealing something very personal to the whole world. In short, his story is about how a man and his family can make up for quite bad actions. Under the influence of alcohol, he was aggressive and experienced hallucinations, suffered from depression and suicidal tendencies. Subsequently, he overcame many treatments for alcohol dependence and pathological gambling, until he finally took the strongest will and decided to change everything. He began to work to change himself and to change his life. During his work therapy he regained working habits, learned how to deal with finances, how to handle difficult situations without alcohol, went through personal bankruptcy and began to pay alimony. Subsequently, he accepted the offer of one device that needed a man to help out for 2 weeks - to paint the fence. It is 3 years now. Mr. P. has his own home in this social facility, cares for their garden and surroundings, but in particular cares for himself. He goes on hiking, sports and devotes his time to those who still need that strong.


Almost a year and a half ago, we met Mr. M. during the streetwork service. He told us that he got on the street because of alcohol. He and his wife lived together in a flat, but he was more interested in alcohol, there was a divorce, and Mr. M. stayed on the street despite all his efforts and attempts to employ. We have intensified our work with Mr. M. as he had a great interest in changing his life. After 3 months of our meeting, he volunteered for an alcoholic treatment that was not easy, but he managed it brilliantly. After his return he was part of the working therapy through our organization, where he revitalized the environment of Bratislava together with other clients. He was strongly motivated by his re-contact with his daughters last 10 years ago. Every day we focused on his fears and motivation, supporting him in getting new papers and also solving his executions and debts. At present Mr. M. is in the process of lengthening, has been abstaining for 9 months, is properly employed, has decent housing and is in contact with his daughters. After so many years, he managed to stand on his own feet and even motivate other homeless people to find strength and change their lives.