Who we are

NGO STOPA Slovensko is providing Integration centre for homeless people and for at risk of this form of extreme social exclusion and poverty. Our aim is prevention of homelessness and social exclusion. We support people to find the way back off the street in Capital of Slovakia Bratislava. 

Why Integration centre

We are inspirited by Eastern European countries where is system of types of integrations centres many years. Now we try to do this type of support for our clients here in Bratislava. We are part of members in Bratislava which aimed to ideas "no second night out" and we actively support ideas of "housing first". We believe that by our activities in integration centre We slow the roundabout constant increase in the number of people on the streets in this city.


We believe that human existence in the story of client is more than just about the being here and now it's about the story of being in period of human life and we need to accept that people have own life stories. We are just one part of the story STOPA means the STEP. We as a social worker are just one part of the clients' story. And we try to do everything to support step by step how to client can live "walk" on his/her own of life.  

Who we are / What we do

  • We are aimed to quality of complex support to individual and concrete client not to quantity of partial activities to many clients.
  • We are environmental friendly and in our activities we combined environmental background with social work.
  • We keep our clients anonymous. We never do photos of faces and symbols of identification that our clients are homeless. We doesn´t want make a new stigma of feeling shameful.
  • We work with complex of individual needs. We work with clients not just mechanically but we try to break the ice and work with internal feelings and emotions, dreams. This is a reason w ewe use as a part of our integration process individual and group therapeutically activities.
  • We are creative and we thinking about how to be supportive for communities and society as well. So we growing the statute of our clients that our work therapy is concentrated to important places for society.

Integration center services 

  •  Training of work skills and imitation of work place "job incubator",
  • PC education, support how and where find a job on internet, training of basic IT skills, how to write a CV
  • Theoretical and practical education of "urban gardening",
  • Individual and group therapy activities,
  • Social work support, social assistances, crisis interventions, alternative forms of imprisonment,
  • Reconnection support for individuals which was found in the streets as a homeless and they are from EU countries and help for NGO which provide this type of support for Slovakians homeless in countries abroad,
  • Post-integration therapeutically groups for clients which passed integration process and left the homeless life,
  • Consultations for potentials employers 

Our achievements

  • Opening new place of our integration centre STOPA on Pražská 33.
  • First 13 clients left the homelessness
  • Calvary 2: Revitalization and cultivation one of the oldest historical Christian place
  • "Four lions": Revitalization and cultivation memorial of victims of 1st world war
  • Together for the community 3: helping local communities in developing their projects and their actual implementation