NGO STOPA Slovensko is providing an Integration centre for homeless people and for people at risk of this form of extreme social exclusion and poverty. Our aim is prevention of homelessness and social exclusion. We support people to find the way back off the street in Capital of Slovakia Bratislava.

Social services:

(Stopa means steps)

Our mission is based on the principle that every person has their own story. None of us, however, has the right to be the assessor of a person's story; it can only be an observer and a companion.

As social workers, we enter the process of complex perception of human as an individual. We do not only feel isolation and sorrow, we feel the hidden hope of man. The hope of a human, who did not regret that life on the street is the healing of his being.

Who we are? What we do? 

  • We focus on the quality of support provided to a particular person, not to the quantity of partial services, to the quantity of people.
  • We are enviromental friendly and in our activities we combined enviromental background with social work.
  • We maintain anonymity. Our clients do not have stigmas in the form of "I'm homeless".
  • We have also developed therapeutic groups and sessions for individuals.

  • Opening of the STOPA Integration Center at Pražská 33 as the first specialized facility focused on the prevention and reintegration of a homeless person

  • Opening a working center named LOST, where are work skills training for clients who are integrated
  • More than twenty people have left the homelessnes in cooperation with other organizations over past years
  • We successfully revitalized so many places, like the Calvary, one of the oldest historical Christian place in Bratislava. We also revitalized the Four Lions Memorial, which is cultivation memorial of victims of 1st world war.
  • We are working with homeless people and many organizations, kindergartens and elementary schools, or even directly with the city's citizens to revitalize public spaces.

The European End Street Homelessness Campaign 

The European End Street Homelessness Campaign aims to end chronic street homelessness in a number of European cities by 2020. World Habitat coordinates the campaign and offers support to cities involved.