Mgr. Pavol Sabela

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"The problem of homelessness is not just a local problem. It is a national problem, a European problem, a global problem."

At the heart of this campaign are elements of useful data, joint action and local community involvement, new in Europe and with the potential to change the current model.

The true force of the campaign are individuals within organizations who have the necessary passion, motivation, loyalty and toughness to help achieve real change in their communities. The Campaign Support Program helps these key people across Europe learn and adapt their actions to what works elsewhere, identify opportunities and challenges in their cities, develop a clear plan and work with other avid people who are equally determined to end street homelessness.

The support program provides cities with webinars, partnership exchanges, staff counseling, opinion training, project visits, regular monitoring calls and counseling meetings covering everything from campaign planning to the implementation of the Housing project. One of the strongest elements of the program is the mutual support that cities offer each other in the campaign. Cities in the campaign exchange inspirational stories and achievements, offer practical advice, and openly exchange their problems and solutions with each other and with World Habitat.

We also cooperate on the campaign ideas locally with NGO PRIMA and the Old Town - Bratislava district

  • Cities:
  • Alicante (Spain) : REAPSHA: La Red de Entidades para la Atención a Personas Sin hogar
  • Athens (Greece): The Emfasis Foundation
  • Lisbon (PT): NGO Crescer
  • Barcelona (Spain): Arrels Fundació
  • Bratislava (Slovakia): STOPA Slovensko
  • Brighton (UK): YMCA Brighton and YCMA Downslink
  • Brussels (Belgium): Infirmiers de Rue
  • Croydon (UK): Evolve Housing and Support
  • Glasgow (UK): Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN)
  • Leicester (UK): Action Homeless
  • Budapest (HU): Utcáról Lakásba! Egyesület
  • Sheffield (UK): Roundabout
  • Torbay (UK): Torbay Council, Shekinah Mission, Westward Housing
  • Valencia (Spain): RAIS Fundación
  • Westminster (UK): Westminster Homeless Action Together (WHAT)
  • Zagreb (HR): Hrvatska mreža za beskućnike  
  • Bucharest (RO): Carusel